Cyprus Transports

Cyprus Transports

Transports from Germany and Europe to Cyprus

We have specialised in the transport of goods of all kinds on the island of Cyprus. The range of our services includes the transport of individual pallet consignments as well as partial and full loads of any type of shipment. Our promise for the transport of your goods on their way to Cyprus stands above all for a high expectation of ourselves, responsiveness, reliable handling and adaptability. Because we already have a wide range of experience in the Cypriot market, we are able to ship your goods quickly and safely with the least possible hassle.
In addition, we offer almost nationwide pick-up options throughout Europe, countries such as Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, etc. In the European conurbations such as Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Antwerp, Rotterdam, London, Liverpool, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Linz, Vienna, we are represented by several trucks every day. Our own parcel service to Cyprus rounds off our also for private transports to Cyprus.

Your forwarder for transports to Cyprus

With weekly delivery of your goods from Athens to Limassol in Cyprus and processing and delivery time on the island of a maximum of 24 hours, we guarantee large-scale delivery within the Greek part of Cyprus, whether it be a simple pallet shipment or a special transport. On the way back from Cyprus to Greece and on to West Europe we offer you the same services.

Overview of our services

Multiple groupage runs between western/northern Europe and Cyprus per week

Express runs with a transit time of between 6-8 days

Own parcel/package service to Cyprus with warehousing in Germany

Of course we also handle complete lorry shipments

Dangerous goods transport (ADR) – transport of almost all classes of dangerous goods

Support for those moving house, including delivery of motor cars and motorcycles

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