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Road Solution Cyprus

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experienced, independent, new pathways

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Roads as the solution for reaching Cyprus

Our transport company Road Solution Cyprus Ltd is based on the island of Cyprus. Although Cyprus is surrounded by water, we see roads as the right solution for accessing the island. This may sound unusual, but for us roads aren’t merely a means to an end – in fact they’re the fastest and most practical and flexible way to quickly and professionally transport your goods. We offer you all-round reliable service, including: fast and flexible collection from any part of Europe by lorry, shipping of more time-consuming consignments by cargo or commercial van, daily departures to Greece (Thessaloniki and Athens) and two departures per week from the ports of Athens and Thessaloniki to Limassol CY, including customs clearance and document preparation.

Daily collection possible for one pallet or more

Transport with up to 30 lorries per week

Two ship departures to Cyprus per week

Monitoring of current transport status

Cyprus as a European location

Thanks to Cyprus’ outstanding location in the Mediterranean area we as a forwarding agent, can reach any country in Europe by sea or land with lorries or smaller vehicles. We are oriented not only towards the west but also act as a gateway to the Middle East.

"All inclusive" freight forwarding for Cyprus

We have access to the port in Cyprus and the major Greek ports. Since we are always able to offer you an “all-inclusive” service, the actual collection, shipping and delivery is straightforward and saves you time and effort.

Simple, secure storage

If you wish to transport a larger delivery requiring a considerable amount of time and possibly interim storage, we your international forwarding agent offer you warehouse capacity over an area of 12,000m2 for optimum support in your operations.

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    We offer an all-round reliable service for Cyprus transports, including: fast and flexible pick-ups from all parts of Europe by truck, sending of more time-intensive shipments by Sprinter or VAN and daily departures to Greece.

    guaranteed transit times

    flexible collection options

    no empty container bottlenecks

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    Western standard for transports to Cyprus

    When processing and carrying out your transports, we naturally work according to western standards, which for us include punctuality, safety and reliability.